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HTML is basic web language, the language mainly use to mark perticular text or content to declear for understanding server, that what type of content sending and receiving in between client and server.
A web designer must have good knowledge about:

HTML Tutorial Starts

1. HTML Mean's?
Answer: Hyper Text Markup Language

2. Use of HTML?
Answer: HTML helps to create essential stutures of a web page or page layout

3. HTML Syntex?
Answer: HTML syntex Greater then and Less then symbol. In between we i'll write tag news

Opening Tag: <element name>

Closing Tag: The tag contens forword slash after </element name> symbol is called closing tag.

Self Closing Tag: <element name     />
  • HTML tags can be write in Lower Case has well in Upper Case also, there no case sensitive in HTML Language.
  • In HTML if you are opening a tag you must close the tag except some HTML Tag

4. HTML Elements
Answer: HTML elements thouse we write text in between less-then and greater-then syntex <element name> </element name> is called element.

5. HTML Attributes
Answer: HTML attributes thouse we write text after element with in syntex width
="500"> is called attribute.

6. HTML file extension?
Answer: HTML file extension file_name.html

7. Some of file extension we use in HTML?
Image Extensions Video Extensions Audio Extensions Other Extensions
.jpg This are block images .mp4 .wav .js Java Script file
.png This are transparent .3gp .mp3 .css CSS stylesheet
.gif This are animated images .flv .aiff .ttf Font style file

8. Simple steps to create HTML file
Step 1: Open a New Text Document.txt"
Step 2: Write basic HTML tags
Note: In each and every HTML file must and should write the below basic HTML tags
<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>Page Title Here</title>


Step 3: After writing basic HTML tags, go to File menu Select Save As Option you'll see the save as window give file name with the .html extension.

9. Which software we need to use for scripting
Answer: Actully To write or create a HTML web page we no need any software, we can write programm with the help of notepad also. But we have more advanced dedicated software's in market which can be more easy to design and less scripting for more output.
Some of professional software:
Application Name

Adobe Dreamweaver (Recommended)
Adobe Dreamweaver is a software program for designing web pages, essentially a more fully featured HTML web and programming editor. It's very user friendly environment, you'll have code view, split view, design view and live view. Here we can open multiple files in a single window.

Notepad ++
Notepad++ is a text editor and source code editor for use with Microsoft Windows. It supports tabbed editing, which allows working with multiple open files in a single window.

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