About Us

In a IT Market of ever-growing and rapidly evolving market for information technology and system integration Computer Diagnostics Center recognizes the need of companies that can offer high quality and take the lead on the global IT market. Computer Diagnostics Center is lead by founder, efficient and highly qualified engineer to satisfy the client requirement. My company have tie-ups with many companies. In January 2009 the company established its office in Hyderabad, Telangana, India and started its activities with the service of 1). Desktops, Laptops Drivers free online download, Repair and Services 2). Web Designing Services

Activity Scope:

The activity scope of the company includes:

  1. Research, Design and realization of complete information solutions in computer applications and utilities, as well as all subsidiary activities (i.e. internal networking cable structuring, CCTV security systems and training).
  2. Consultancy, service of information flat form.
  3. Software development and testing.
  4. Mobile Application development.
  5. Web Designing, ERP, CRM Application development.

Computer Diagnostics Center
Founder: K V Vamshi Das
Email: world.cdcther@gmail.com
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